Commercial Dry Mop


  1. Floor dry. add
  2. Electric floor buffer
  3. Mix floor stripper
  4. Cotton mop …
  5. Microfiber cloth attached

Clean the floor thoroughly with a vacuum and damp mop. Let the floor dry. add painter’s tape the … If you use a commercial-grade cement floor wax, rent an electric floor buffer with pads.

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How to Dust Mop a Floor | Clean CareStripping the old wax is done at least once a year in commercial … dry between steps. mix floor stripper in a 5-gallon pail according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Place a cotton mop …

Though all of our experts agree that you’ll pick up a good amount of dust with a dry … or a mop with a microfiber cloth attached,” says David Seville, CEO of Crewcare, a commercial cleaning …